Status Reports

Status Report #34: Ace Week 2020

This is mostly going to be a business post so, uh, buckle up. Ace Week Sale It's Ace Week, and just like last year, I am having a week long sale on my Etsy shop to recognize and celebrate that. So for this week, asexual, aromantic, and agender octopi will be on sale for 50%… Continue reading Status Report #34: Ace Week 2020

Crochet · Octopus Update

Octopus Update: Weeks 56-60

It's another sort of short update this week. I wound up making quite a few pride octopi over the past several weeks, so of course several of them made it onto my Instagram. At the same time, I'm also nearly done making Girl Scout octopi, and pushing myself to hopefully be able to finish them… Continue reading Octopus Update: Weeks 56-60