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Tiny Crochet Jellyfish

I did it again. This time its a jellyfish.


So yeah. This is another spur of the moment inspiration that I worked up right after I thought of it. Of course, I was procrastinating really, really hard at the time, but it only took an hour to make and anyway I needed the break.

Anyway, I’m really proud of the way this turned out. I’ve spent the past two days playing around with it in between bouts of essay writing, which I think is the mark of a well-made toy. I’m also excited that now the octopus isn’t the only aquatic animal in my arsenal.

The pattern is here. Use as you will. Send me a picture if you make one. I’d love to see it.

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Crochet Easter Eggs


This is only two days after Easter. That’s fine, right? I’m not that late.

This is just a quick little idea I had. I made these in maybe an hour. I think they’re pretty cute. Mostly I was excited about taking a cute picture of them with my little rabbit.

I did make a pattern for them because I like to be thorough. You can find it here.

That’s it for this week. See you guys next Tuesday.

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Tiny Crochet Snake

I made a snake.20180312_151832.jpg


Isn’t it cute? It’s a little small, but I think it’s just about the right size to be a tiny animal. I’ll probably make a longer snake eventually. Maybe that one will have a tongue.


It was nice to get a chance to spend a few hours crocheting again. I should probably start trying to set aside some time for that.

Anyway, if you want to make a snake of your own, you can. Here’s the pattern.

See you guys next week.

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Tiny Crochet Lion

All right. So. One of my friends at college is in a sorority. Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) specifically. Last week was big/little week which, for the uninitiated (like me) basically means she was assigned a new member of her sorority chapter to, essentially, shower in gifts all week. (I don’t know if that’s 100% accurate, but that’s my understanding of the process.) ADPi’s mascot is a lion. So, she commissioned a tiny lion from me to give to her little. And that is why this pattern exists.


It’s debatable whether I would have ever gotten around to designing a lion in the absence of these very specific circumstances. Literally all the other animals in the tiny animal series were made because I, personally, am a fan of that animal. And while lions are cool, they’re not my favorite animal. But I digress. Point is, I probably would have gotten around to them eventually, but I doubt it would have been this quick if I was left to my own devices.

Of course, I wasn’t left to my own devices, so let’s talk about the design process.

The basic form of the lion was easy. I copy-pasted it out of the bunny pattern. I used the bunny pattern because the body is rounder than the fox or cat, and my original copy-paste out of the cat pattern looked really weird. Note to self: lions do not reduce to cones, they reduce to rotund semi-cylinders.

The ears were also easy. They’re basically classic teddy bear ears—little circles folded in half, rounded and sewn to the head. No big deal.

20180128_113401.jpgThe mane was a little more complex, but I correctly assumed that it would be easier to just make it into a geometric shape and not try to build one out of short strands of yarn knotted together. I modeled mine off a potato chip scarf, with a little bit of light scalloping. I like how that turned out. I think it gives it dimension without becoming really hard or complicated to make. Although, if you’re looking for a lion with a mane that covers the back of its head, maybe look elsewhere.

The tail gave me some trouble. It went through a few different iterations before I finally decided to reduce it to its basic geometric shapes (a line with a little pointed cylinder on the end). I wound up exaggerating the proportions of the fur tuft at the end of its tail to make it remotely doable, but I think it turned out cute.

So, yeah. Tiny crochet lion. Super cute. Great for ADPis. Apparently. I’ll have it listed on Etsy once I have one that I can take more salable pictures of. Until then, if you’re of a crafting mindset, here’s the pattern. Feel free to give it a shot. Send me pictures if you do. I like seeing my creations out in the world.

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Tiny Crochet Rabbits

50th post WOO!

Um…anyway, bunnies!


Okay, one bunny. Apparently I’m too lazy to make multiple bunnies. Don’t worry, I’m sure it will multiply soon.

I have pictures of this rabbit from three sides, and by gosh, I am going to use all of them.

This pattern was blissfully easy to make, partly because it’s kind of a Frankenstein’s monster of other patterns I’ve done. I took the head pretty much word for word from the cat pattern, and the ears are a sized down version of what I did with the matoki, sans pipe cleaners. The body is new because I wanted the bunny to be chubbier than the fox and the cat, but it didn’t really give me any trouble for some reason. Maybe I’m just getting better at creating specific shapes. Yay!

But seriously, look at that cute little nub!

The only part that gave me any trouble was the tail. Mainly because I originally thought it should be a lot bigger than it had any right to be, and it took a few attempts to get one that wasn’t enormous. Rabbits have nubs for tails. I’m not sure why that wasn’t obvious.

So…yeah. Quick little January pattern. If you want to make one of these rabbits, by all means, do so. The pattern is here. Go nuts. Go rabbits? I don’t think that works.

If you don’t want to make one, but still want a tiny rabbit (because really who doesn’t), you can buy one here.

See you next week!

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Tiny Crochet Coffee Mug

I made a thing! Isn’t it cute?

Little Vampires mug included for scale

So seeing as my blood has been almost completely replaced by coffee at this point, I thought it was about time I made a coffee themed pattern. So I made a coffee mug. Of course, the reason my blood has been replaced by coffee is the sheer amount of coursework I’ve been doing. So I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on this. So I made the coffee mug tiny.

Depending on the size of your screen, this picture might be to scale.

I wanted to make it into a little keychain, because I think that would make it even cuter. But then I found out that my keychains are in New Mexico, and I am definitely not, so that’ll have to wait for winter break. Until then, I’ll just have to be content with this tiny crochet mug full of tiny crochet coffee.

If you would like to make your own tiny crochet mug, the pattern is here. Expect more crochet coffee stuff in the future, when I have a little more brainspace to work on it. Or not. I’m not really sure. But either way, this will still exist. So…yeah.

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Tiny Crochet Hat

I love tiny hats. This might be kind of obvious, seeing as my first instinct when confronted with a pattern for tiny octopi was to put little top hats on them. As such, it was only a matter of time before I came up with a tiny hat pattern for people. And I think it turned out pretty cute.


This was a pretty last minute project. I’ve been working on a few longer pieces, but none of them would be finished on time, and this has been rattling around my head for a while. It literally took, like, an hour from start to finish. I think the hardest part was figuring out what color ribbon to use. Oh, and figuring out how best to affix it to someone’s hair. I ended up sewing two barrettes to the bottom of the hat, which seems to hold it pretty well.

So…yeah. I don’t really have much to say about this one. The pattern is here. See you in two weeks!


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Tiny Kitties

So I adore cats. I think they’re awesome and I want one. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to adopt one right now….So I made one three.

They’re like chess pieces with tails!

I really like the sleek, minimalist design. It has just enough elements to make clear that they are cats, while still being small and quick enough to make that I can easily create a small army.

The octopus is a size reference.

Not only are these kitties adorable, I actually designed them myself! They were relatively easy and fun to design, although there were a few challenges. The tail especially gave me a lot of trouble. I originally tried to make it a thin tube, but that wound up looking really weird, and a little too fat for cats this tiny. Ultimately, I made the tails just one long row of single crochet, which had the added bonus of naturally curling around itself, giving the tail a little more character.


The other problem was in trying to get them to stand up. The proto-cat I made (no pictures, sorry) didn’t stand on it’s own very well, and I didn’t want them to be restricted to lying down or leaning on other, sturdier things. The obvious solution was to give them a flat base—which is how they got their cone-shaped bodies—but that wasn’t quite enough. To make it work, I had to stuff the bodies very loosely, so that the base would lay flat.102_8828

Anyway, here is a PDF of the pattern: Tiny Cat (EDIT: This pattern has been updated as of December 2017 to account for design changes. It’s functionally identical to the original. There are just a couple rows that are altered. Just so you know. Carry on.) If you choose to make one yourself, send me a picture. I’d love to see it! For those that aren’t craft inclined but still want one, you can buy them here. Enjoy!

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Mason Jar Pin Cushion

20170521_130719This seems like it should be pretty self explanatory….It’s a mason jar with a pin cushion on top. Here’s the pattern: Mason Jar Pin Cushion. I made it myself.

For the past few years, I’ve been using a pin cushion that came in a cheap sewing kit my mom gave me. Those pins that are pictured were also from that sewing kit. However, recently I’ve been having a few problems. Firstly, a few weeks ago I discovered that the head of one of my straight pins had snapped off, leaving the long metal poky bit stuck firmly inside the pin cushion. Which was bad. I had to pull it out with pliers. Clearly I needed a more secure way to store my pins.

The other problem was actually unrelated to my pins. For the past year or so, I’ve been struggling to find a way to store my darning needles that wouldn’t result in me losing them or in them stabbing me. Recently, I’ve had them loose in my sewing kit, which isn’t particularly conducive to either goal.

Since I’d been meaning to replace my pin cushion anyway, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make one with a space underneath where I could put pins and needles. Which is why I hot glued it to the top of a mason jar.

This pattern is a lot simpler in design than most of what I make, but I don’t think it really needed to be anything fancy. It was a bit of a challenge putting it all together at the end, especially when I tried to attach the pin cushion to the lid. I also wound up adding a ribbon around the edge of the lid to make it look more polished/professional. In the end, I think it turned out pretty cute, like a little blue mushroom.

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Cthulhu French Press Cozy

In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming…of coffee. Sweet, delicious coffee. I might have a problem.

20170327_130432So, this project came about for a couple of reasons. The first, is that, as I was browsing Ravelry one day about a month ago, I happened upon a multitude of patterns for french press cozies. Owning a french press myself, as they are quite compact and therefore ideal for a dormitory-living college student such as myself, I  was intrigued by the idea of a french press cozy, but rather dissatisfied with the patterns that were lain out before me. As such, I decided to invent a design of my own.

Additionally, I possess a great admiration (although slight lack of knowledge) of the works of one H.P. Lovecraft, and the vast, unfathomable universe he imagined. Naturally, I decided to wed the two ideas, and, naturally, drafted a pattern depicting a simplified image of the mighty Cthulhu.


Ok, enough with the purple prose.

There were a couple of challenges that came along with this. For one thing, my french press isn’t all that big, so I wound up using a tiny, 1.8 mm hook just so I could fit the design in. The other problem is more inherent to colorwork in general—if I carried the yarn I wasn’t using behind the one I was, it would inevitably show through, muddying up the design. To fixed this, I decided to abandon the idea of carrying my yarn behind my stitches when I was working on the back, instead simply dropping it and picking it back up when I needed the color again. This did make the back of the piece a little messy, so I lined it with felt to cover it up20170327_130655.

Additionally, I used a series of bobbins with the green. One on each side of the border, and one for each Cthulhu. The Crochet Crowd has a great tutorial on this technique, that I’d highly suggest checking out. It’s nestled in the middle of a giant comprehensive tutorial on how to crochet a graphghan, but they start talking about bobbins at about the 11:30 mark. Here’s a link to the website, the tutorial video is near the bottom.

Here’s a link to the pattern: Cthulhu-french-press-cozy. It is completely free. If you do make something with it, please share a picture, I’d love to see. Until next time. Cthulhu f’htagn!