Not So Free Patterns

Some patterns are just a little too complex for me to give away for free. (I’m sorry! I need to eat.) Those patterns are listed here. Each link leads to a blog post containing a link to wherever you can purchase the pattern (Etsy or Ravelry).

  • Matoki Part VIII: Completion (Finally) - I finally finished the pattern! Yay! Okay, so first some business. If you would like to buy the pattern, you can find it on my Etsy shop by clicking here.  If you only want to make one or two of the matoki, the individual patterns are for sale on my Ravelry shop. If you are… Continue reading Matoki Part VIII: Completion (Finally)
  • Tiny Crochet Fox - Okay, it’s official. I have started a series of tiny animals. This one’s a fox. Because foxes are cool. I mean, look at this thing. The pattern for this is loosely based on the one for the Tiny Cats (Note the similar, chess-piece-shaped body), but with the addition of a muzzle and a fluffy tail… Continue reading Tiny Crochet Fox