Status Reports

Status Report #10: Graduation

I did it! I finished college! Yay! I have successfully acquired a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Now all I need is to figure out something to do with it…. But anyway.

At Tulane, it’s a tradition for students to decorate their caps in some way for graduation. Naturally, I decided to cover mine in yarn. Because why not.


I actually really like the way this turned out. I think it’s cool that the pattern sorta resembles both waves and DNA (not that my major had anything to do with either of those things but still) and with the color gradient it looks like the sort of pretty thing that is exactly my style.

In case anyone’s curious, I used something called the wave stitch, and there’s a tutorial for that available here. I then affixed it to my hat with a lot of hot glue. Since one side is slightly longer than the other, this resulted in two sides hanging over the edge more than the other two, resulting in a kind of weird look if viewed from any angle other than the top. But whatever. I like it.

Picture feat. Sara Scott, my bestie who almost did this blog with me.

So yeah. That’s it. I am officially done with college. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sleep for a week.


Clutch Purse Thing

I’m so great at naming posts.

So yeah. Graduation’s coming up, which is exciting. And terrifying in an existential sort of way. So I’m making a couple things for it, and the first is this cute little purse with a detachable strap.


Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with graduation. Well, I am actually not allowed to bring a bag into the graduation ceremony. Only problem is, I don’t have anything that both a) is within the dress code and b) has pockets. And, as a person with asthma who needs to carry an inhaler around at all times in case something bad happens, that makes having a bag pretty essential. So I made a small one with a strap that is conveniently just long enough that it fits around my waist so I can smuggle my inhaler into the ceremony. (And, of course, am now blogging about this. Like a boss.)

The bag itself actually turned out pretty cute. I was kind of apprehensive when I was making it because I’ve never made anything like this before. But it’s kind of impressive how a vaguely rectangular piece of fabric can turn into something really pretty with some edging and, like, ten minutes.

I’ll have a pattern for this eventually, but given that I literally finished making this a couple hours before this post is supposed to go up, I want a few more days to make sure it’s all written up nicely. So, you’ll hear about that…eventually.

Status Reports

Status Report #9: School and Stuff

Hey guys.

So I took last week off because I was in the throes of finals week and, given that this is my last one, I kinda wanted to get it right. But now that’s over (mostly) and I’ve spent the past couple days resting and getting back into a brain-space that isn’t constantly worried about math.

And not really doing anything crafts-wise. Well, I have been crocheting—that Fibonacci blanket is going great—but I haven’t done anything that I think merits showing off. So…this post is just not going to show anything off.

But worry not! With graduation coming up, I’ve got a few projects in the work relating to that. At least one of them should be ready next Tuesday.

So yeah. See you then!

Work in Progress

WIP: Fibonacci Star

Here we have the first five numbers in the Fibonacci sequence modeled by the rows in a baby blanket I’m making.

(In case the captions aren’t working out for you, the first five numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 1, 1, 2, 3, and 5 in that order.)

So yeah. This was based off an idea I had while brainstorming for a commission that didn’t pan out. But I thought, whatever. I want to make it anyway. So that’s what I’m doing.

The pattern I’m using for everything except color changes is the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket, which happens to be, like, the single most popular star shaped blanket on Ravelry I think. That could have changed by the time you’re reading this (Hello, the future). Either way, it’s a solid pattern and I really like the way it’s turning out so far.

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Tiny Crochet Jellyfish

I did it again. This time its a jellyfish.


So yeah. This is another spur of the moment inspiration that I worked up right after I thought of it. Of course, I was procrastinating really, really hard at the time, but it only took an hour to make and anyway I needed the break.

Anyway, I’m really proud of the way this turned out. I’ve spent the past two days playing around with it in between bouts of essay writing, which I think is the mark of a well-made toy. I’m also excited that now the octopus isn’t the only aquatic animal in my arsenal.

The pattern is here. Use as you will. Send me a picture if you make one. I’d love to see it.

Work in Progress

WIP: Unicorn

This is a unicorn head.


No, really.

Last year, my mom pointed me to a pattern sale being held by Holly’s Hobbies, and told me to pick out a pattern she didn’t already have. Naturally, I chose the unicorn. It looks like a really good pattern, and I’m excited for when I finally finish it, but I clearly haven’t made it very far. Right now, it kinda looks like a white gourd.

So yeah. This week also marks the culmination (basically) of one of my major academic projects, so hopefully I’ll have more time to crochet soon. Especially since I’m kinda running out of works in progress to talk about. I think I have, like, one or two more.

But seriously, though. Holly’s Hobbies designs are really good, and I encourage you to check them out if you like amigurumi. I’m gonna go back to studying now.

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Crochet Easter Eggs


This is only two days after Easter. That’s fine, right? I’m not that late.

This is just a quick little idea I had. I made these in maybe an hour. I think they’re pretty cute. Mostly I was excited about taking a cute picture of them with my little rabbit.

I did make a pattern for them because I like to be thorough. You can find it here.

That’s it for this week. See you guys next Tuesday.

Work in Progress

WIP: Entropy Socks

Spring Break just started. Yay! As such, I have spent the past two days napping and basically nothing else. So we’re going to do another work in progress feature.

sweetRollSo I really like those Caron Cake type yarns that create long stripes. Except Caron Cakes are make with wool, so I can’t use those specifically. So instead I picked up a few skeins of Premier Yarns’ Sweet Roll (color: Gelato Pop). And had to figure out something to do with it.

Fast forward a few months, and I was flipping through some of my mom’s crochet and knitting books and I came across a fun sock pattern in a book called Geek Chic Crochet. And I thought it would be a good match for the Gelato Pop yarn. Only problem was it called for significantly lighter weight yarn. But I’m not about to let a little thing like that stop me, so I just sized down the hook. A lot.


So far, I’ve made it through one sock, and the toe of the other.

Sizing down the hook had the unintended consequence of making the socks really stiff because the stitches are so tight. However, that’s made it so the socks actually stay up for hours on end without help, which is something I can’t really say about most knee socks.

I think they’ll turn out pretty cool when they’re done.

Work in Progress

WIP: Mesh Top

All right! A work in progress I actually worked on this week. Woo!


So this is another one from Pretty in Punk because sometimes I get excited and start working on multiple projects of the same theme at the same time. I’ve made significantly less progress on this than the vampire scarf, so it kind of looks like nothing right now, but eventually it’ll be a shirt.

This is the first project I’ve ever attempted that’s knit in the round, and if you look closely, you can tell the mesh is uneven. But that’s okay, because it’s supposed to look ratty. It’ll look really cool when it’s done. I just need, like, ten more inches before I can make the arms. Of course, now that I’m deciding what to work on via random number generator, who knows when that’ll happen, but I’m staying hopeful.

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Tiny Crochet Snake

I made a snake.20180312_151832.jpg


Isn’t it cute? It’s a little small, but I think it’s just about the right size to be a tiny animal. I’ll probably make a longer snake eventually. Maybe that one will have a tongue.


It was nice to get a chance to spend a few hours crocheting again. I should probably start trying to set aside some time for that.

Anyway, if you want to make a snake of your own, you can. Here’s the pattern.

See you guys next week.