Who’s this friend?

Okay, some backstory. I am a software engineer. That’s my day job. In my day job, I use GitHub, a code hosting platform with an excellent version control system, on a daily basis. And GitHub has a very cute mascot by the name of Octocat.

So naturally, one of the suggestions I hear a lot from coworkers, as an arts-and-crafts kind of person, is “You should make octocat.” Additionally, one of my goals for Entropy this year is to add more variety to the stuff I make for my Etsy shop.

So, friends, I have finally made octocat.

Sort of. Octocat, the GitHub mascot, technically has five tentacles. And I don’t mean five tentacles that you can see in the picture; there is a lot of official art of octocat, from a lot of different angles, and all of it includes a maximum of five tentacles. I, however, wasn’t really vibing with that aesthetic, so I basically just made an octopus with cat ears.

I think it’s cute. It has that sort of inscrutable void energy that I absolutely love about black cats.

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