Other People’s Patterns

I feature a lot of patterns on this site, the vast majority of which were not designed by me. This page contains a list of posts that link to patterns featured on my blog.

Bat Wing Hair Clip - Here’s something a little bit more spooky to finish out Halloween month. BATS! Well, actually, a singular bat. I had intended to make more bats, maybe in a few different colors, but then I remembered that I’m a college student and it’s midterm season, so one bat would have to do. But it hides in… Continue reading Bat Wing Hair Clip
Bearded Dragon - Hey guys! I made a dragon! Well, okay, I made a bearded dragon, which is technically a type of lizard, but it has dragon in the name, so I totally made a dragon. This little guy was actually a commission from a lady I met at the farmer’s market. (Incidentally, I take commissions. Email me.)… Continue reading Bearded Dragon
Birds of Paradise Shawl - This shawl is so beautiful and colorful, I love it. After blogging about my progress on this last week, I was able to take my excitement for this project and use it to push through the last few rows of the shawl. And I’m glad I did, because I just love looking at it. I… Continue reading Birds of Paradise Shawl
Candy Color Hat and Gloves - Hello all! It’s mid January, and as it happens, today is the first day of a brand new semester. So, naturally, I’m sharing something that I made back in December that is only tangentially related to my college experience. I go to school in New Orleans, which doesn’t normally get very cold, even in winter (right… Continue reading Candy Color Hat and Gloves
Captain America Coasters - In light of the recent release of Captain America: Civil War, I made coasters based on Captain America and the Winter Soldier! These coasters were handmade by Autumn from a design and pattern by ¬©Ahooka / http://www.ahookamigurumi.com To be honest, I actually made these as a Christmas present for Sara back in January. However, school wound… Continue reading Captain America Coasters
Cherry Blossom Hat - Dear Dani, I don’t know why, but you always seem to inspire me to commit to large projects. Case in point: this hat. Okay, I know it doesn’t look like much from the front, but what if we looked at it from another angle? Okay, what about the back? So yeah, my final Christmas present… Continue reading Cherry Blossom Hat
Christmas Stocking - Featured Pattern: Diamonds and Fur Christmas Stocking by A Crocheted Simplicity This week I’ve been on vacation, and I was trying to stay away from yarn to give my hands a bit of a break. So, naturally, I decided to make a Christmas stocking at 6 PM on Christmas Eve. I finished around 10 PM,… Continue reading Christmas Stocking
Coffee Mug Keychain - December is finally upon us, and with finals one week away, I have been doing schoolwork…and not much else. Any free time I have had during the past few weeks has been spent either sleeping or making Christmas presents, the first of which I can’t actually show off for another two weeks. Oh yeah, and… Continue reading Coffee Mug Keychain
Colorful Crochet Infinity Scarf - So I recently discovered the Moogly blog, which is a treasure trove of crochet patterns, including this one. I highly suggest you check it out, if you haven’t already. (Incidentally, this is the second Moogly pattern I’ve featured on my blog. The first one was the rainbow organizers.) I really like the way this scarf… Continue reading Colorful Crochet Infinity Scarf
Deadpool - Oh, curse word. Today’s a blog post day, isn’t it. Um…what do I have that I can complete in like two hours? Uh…Deadpool? Yeah…Deadpool’s been sitting in a mostly finished state since, like, January. All I really had to do today was make his accessories and embroider his eyes. It took, like an hour and… Continue reading Deadpool
Demogorgon - Featured Pattern: Chubby Lil’ Demogorgon by Hillary Thompson You want to know what’s absolutely adorable? Lovecraftian monsters. What? No, I stand by that claim. So Stranger Things season 3 dropped last week. And I thought, well I need something to work on during an eight-hour binge of the latest installment in a show wherein a… Continue reading Demogorgon
Diamond Trellis Basket - Hey, short post today. I made a basket! It’s proven useful at holding some of my yarn. I found the pattern here, and if you would like to make one of your own, or just check out another nifty crafting blog, I would highly suggest checking it out. My basket is wider and taller than… Continue reading Diamond Trellis Basket
Dragon Wing Scarf - Okay, so this is another one I started over the summer. So it was my last day at the Farmers Market before heading back to college for the semester, and I had brought along some yarn so I could work on tiny octopi while I was there. You know, like you do. I got there,… Continue reading Dragon Wing Scarf
Emergency Hat Making Because Cold - So the school year got off to an exciting start last week when school was canceled for two days due to subfreezing temperatures. It got cold enough to snow. That is entirely too cold. Now, for those of you from the frozen north, keep in mind that I hail from the barren wastelands of the… Continue reading Emergency Hat Making Because Cold
Entropy Socks - I wrote my work in progress update and, no joke, I finished the socks the next day. I guess that’s how life goes sometimes. These are beautiful. I love the way the stripes mirror each other in some places but don’t in others, and how the changes in colors almost line up but not quite.… Continue reading Entropy Socks
Eyeballs! - Featured Pattern: Eyeball Amigurumi by Hilary Thompson Halloween month is almost upon us! I’m excited. So…in the spirit of the season and because October’s going to be a little bit hectic for me, I decided to make a pair of amigurumi eyeballs. These are made from a pattern by Hillary Thomson (which you can find… Continue reading Eyeballs!
Fibonacci Star - Featured Pattern: Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young Last April, I showed off a star-shaped blanket I was making based off the Fibonacci sequence. Yesterday, after it sat untouched for several months, I finally decided that the first seven numbers in the sequence were plenty, I didn’t need to do another 21 rows just… Continue reading Fibonacci Star
Flower Barrette - I made a thing! It’s for sale! You can find it here! What is this thing, you ask? Why, it’s a barrette with a crochet flower on it. And it’s adorable! Ok, so I made more than one, in multiple colors, and adorable might not be the best word to describe this, but I think… Continue reading Flower Barrette
Fox Beret - I actually made this about a month ago, but it was a birthday present for a friend who reads this blog, so I kept it on the down-low. But now that her birthday’s come and gone, I need to blog about this because it is too cute. The pattern for this is the Mori Beret… Continue reading Fox Beret
Full Fingered Crochet Gloves - Featured Pattern: Fitted Gloves by Denaria So with the, uh, stuff that’s been happening in the world recently, I’ve found myself with quite a bit more time for crafts. Which, of course, means that I’ve finally been able to finish these gloves. Spring had officially started before I got these finished, so the initial goal… Continue reading Full Fingered Crochet Gloves
Hoodie Scarf - Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to 2018. It feels like I should write a post reflecting on last year, or laying out some new years resolutions for this year, but I don’t really want to. So instead I’m going to take it back to 2017 and talk about a thing I made. Namely, this scarf.… Continue reading Hoodie Scarf
Jellyfish - I don’t have much to say this week. I’ve been working on a couple of larger projects, and neither of them is ready to show off yet. So here’s a jellyfish I made. Isn’t it adorable? Although sometimes it feels like the eyes are staring into my soul…. I made this for a white elephant… Continue reading Jellyfish
Kitsune Scarf - Featured Pattern: Inari Kitsune by Tania Ritcher I finished it! I’m free! I don’t usually block my projects, but I did for this one because 1) it’s made of cotton, and 2) it’s a scarf and the blocking did help make it properly rectangular. It’s also both longer and wider than I thought it was,… Continue reading Kitsune Scarf
Mermaid Tail - Featured Pattern: Crochet Mermaid Blanket by Melody’s Makings I almost made it through this year without making any Christmas gifts. For my own personal sanity, I bought gifts for friends and family this year instead of making them. But then my team at work announced that they were doing a white elephant and I found… Continue reading Mermaid Tail
Mint Chocolate Narwhal - A few weeks ago, I was looking for a relatively quick, cute amigurumi to make. What I found was a pattern for an Ice Cream Narwhal by Olive of StringyDingDing. It wound up taking a bit longer than would have been ideal, but I think it was worth it. If you look at the pictures… Continue reading Mint Chocolate Narwhal
Moogly Afghan - Featured Pattern(s): Moogly CAL 2017 from the Moogly Blog I did it! It’s complete! Yay! For anyone who hasn’t been following, this afghan is the Moogly CAL for 2017. Tamara from the Moogly blog does a similar CAL every year, so if you’re interested, check it out. I started this one back in 2017, stopped… Continue reading Moogly Afghan
Moomin - I recently discovered Moomin, the cute cartoon troll created by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson. I have discovered this through the Adventures in Moominvalley TV show from the 90s which is, helpfully, available in its entirety on the official Moomin Youtube channel. It’s adorable, and I’m loving it. I’m also wrapping up the last few squares… Continue reading Moomin
Mushroom Beret - I’ve been in a bit of a crochet slump for the past couple weeks, but I wanted to make something new for this week, and I’ve been wanting to make this mushroom hat for a while, so here we are. I went back to the Mori Beret by Regina Weiss (great pattern, highly recommend). This… Continue reading Mushroom Beret
Partly Cloudy Super Scarf - So, after a particularly hot October, New Orleans weather has finally decided to get colder and, as the winter months descend upon us, I felt it thematically appropriate to share a particularly cozy scarf. Now, normally I don’t make scarves, because I’m impatient and scarves take forever. However, I have been wanting to make something using… Continue reading Partly Cloudy Super Scarf
Pastel Sweater - So I made a crochet sweater. Okay, let’s back up to my birthday, in late December. I had just finished filing Etsy orders a few days prior, I was burnt out on a lot of things, and I mostly just wanted to make something purely because I wanted to make it. I also had a… Continue reading Pastel Sweater
Peak Quarantine Fashion - Featured Pattern: Latte Headband by Expression Fiber Arts Last week, I posted about a headband I was making to help tame my hair. I have since finished that headband, and it has been doing a remarkable job of that. The pattern I used was for the Latte Headband by Expression Fiber Arts. It’s very cute… Continue reading Peak Quarantine Fashion
Purple Cardigan - So I adore this cardigan. This is one of the projects I started for Yarn Social Bingo, and unlike some of the others, I was able to keep up the momentum on this one. I actually finished it a couple weeks ago, but didn’t get around to taking pictures of it until this week. Regardless,… Continue reading Purple Cardigan
Rainbow Hanging Organizers - I’ve spent the past week preparing for the start of my junior year of college, including moving into my new dorm room. As a chronically disorganized person, one of my goals for the semester is to keep everything off the floor and, hopefully, in it’s proper place. Which brings us to the baskets. In an… Continue reading Rainbow Hanging Organizers
Rawr! - Okay, now I know what you’re thinking. What could I possibly have been doing all week that I had to delay my weekly post until Wednesday? Well, three things: Studying. Making a veritable army of tiny octopi. One of my friends ordered a lot of them to be shipped internationally in time for Christmas. I… Continue reading Rawr!
Rawr! but smaller this time - Dinosaurs have something to do with Easter, right? Eh, I’m going to talk about it anyway. So I finished that dinosaur I started last month. Just as a reminder, I was making this out of a cake of Red Heart Amigurumi yarn, which advertises that you can make two dinosaurs using one cake of the… Continue reading Rawr! but smaller this time
Super Awesome Stashbusting Floor Pouf - So classes started yesterday. Yay? And with a new school year, comes a new dorm room. This year I’m in an on-campus apartment featuring a shared kitchen and living room. Yay. However, the living room looks kinda drab and boring on it’s own because, well, college dorm room, so I decided to brighten it up a… Continue reading Super Awesome Stashbusting Floor Pouf
The Spookiest Halloween Month Post Ever - Happy Halloween month everyone! I’ve mentioned before that I adore Halloween. So, in light of the holiday, I’ve decided to start the month off right with something truly terrifying. Muffins! … …… ……..What? Okay, so I haven’t had a lot of time to crochet these past few weeks. This made up really quickly. Crochet food… Continue reading The Spookiest Halloween Month Post Ever
Timber Bay Hat - What’s this? A project that didn’t get a WIP feature first? Blasphemy. Okay, so this project was finished basically in a day and a half. And I know that because I spent all of last Saturday working on it, and literally didn’t do anything else on account of I was dead from having recently finished… Continue reading Timber Bay Hat
Tiny Octopi Wearing Tiny Hats - Merry Christmas everyone! I come bearing tiny octopi. Are they not adorable? I made these as Christmas presents for a couple friends of mine (pictured above holding their octopi), and we were all instantly enamored by how utterly cute they are. I was so enamored, in fact, that I made a third one, for myself.… Continue reading Tiny Octopi Wearing Tiny Hats
Tiny Robin - Before you get excited, I didn’t design this. The pattern belongs to Laura Sutcliffe over at LauLovesCrochet. You can buy it here. This is an adorable pattern, and I really liked making it. Except the legs. The legs were rough. They’re made of wire, and while I have nothing against wire, per se, I’ve also… Continue reading Tiny Robin
Urban Living Shawl - I genuinely love how this turned out. This is the first project I started for the Yarn Social Bingo game, and I just finished it this weekend. It turned out really pretty, and I’m looking forward to being able to wear it. It’s also the first knitting pattern I ever attempted that was more complex… Continue reading Urban Living Shawl
Vampire Scarf - I finished a thing! Yay! I first posted about this scarf back in February. The pattern is from the book Pretty in Punk, which contains a bunch of punk-inspired knits. At the time, all I needed to do was the crochet edging, so I took an afternoon to do that while at my parent’s house… Continue reading Vampire Scarf
We Bare Squares - Story time! Okay, so it was near the end of my first day at the Farmer’s Market, and I was chilling at my booth. At the time, I had two square bears for sale—a brown bear and a panda. So this little kid and his mom walked up to my booth and started looking at the… Continue reading We Bare Squares
Welcome to Night Vale Scarf - “Regret nothing, until it is too late. Then, regret everything. Welcome to Night Vale.” Okay, so I started this project over the summer because I wanted a change of pace from the tiny octopi I was making to keep my physical stock up. I found a chart for a knit scarf (on Tumblr of all… Continue reading Welcome to Night Vale Scarf
WIP: Abstract AART Mitts - Yeah, I know, a new WIP. I have a lot of them going right now. So, last year, I donated to the Project for Awesome, which is an annual charity drive hosted by John and Hank Green. One of the perks you could get from P4A 2019 was a PDF containing a set of knitting… Continue reading WIP: Abstract AART Mitts
WIP: Bats Sweater - It’s spooky season, and I’m making a sweater. I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but that’s because I’ve only been working on it for a week. I was browsing through Ravelry a few weeks ago, looking for Halloween-type patterns, like you do, when I found this pattern by Natalie Meredith. Naturally, I had… Continue reading WIP: Bats Sweater
WIP: Birds of Paradise Shawl - Yeah that’s right. I finished one shawl and then pretty much immediately started another one. I’m just in a very shawl type mood right now. This time it’s a crochet project (shocking, I know), and the story behind why I started it is that last Sunday evening I was overcome with the urge to start… Continue reading WIP: Birds of Paradise Shawl
WIP: Cat Afghan - Yeah, it’s another WIP I started for Yarn Social Bingo. The requirement for this square was intarsia. Like, actual full-on break out the bobbins and die when you have to weave in all the ends intarsia. Originally, I was going to fill this square with a sweater, the pattern for which looks incredibly cool, but… Continue reading WIP: Cat Afghan
WIP: Experimenting with Color Pooling - What’s this? Another new project? I was scrolling through patterns on Ravelry, as you do, and I came across a couple patterns that used color pooling. Intrigued, I did some research and decided to try my hand at it. Color pooling, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a type of colorwork where you use a… Continue reading WIP: Experimenting with Color Pooling
WIP: Purple Cardigan - This is actually the project I’ve worked on most consistently for the past month, and I’m a bit shocked I haven’t posted about it yet. This project has a few origins. The first is that I was searching up sweater patterns on Ravelry for (you guessed it) Yarn Social Bingo. I’m a big fan of… Continue reading WIP: Purple Cardigan
WIP: Vilnis Top - Y’all, I have like six active WIPs, I should not be starting a new one. But Yarn Social’s having a Tee Party and I found this pattern and it’s so swoopy and fun and I had to. I had to. Okay, so let’s actually explain this. Super cool local KC yarn shop, Yarn Social, is… Continue reading WIP: Vilnis Top
WIP: Vilnis Top Part 3 - I’m still working on this and almost nothing else. I am making some pretty good progress on this, though. I’ve very nearly finished the front.
Witchy Vibes - So this year, for Halloween, I dressed up as a witch. By which I mean, I made a witch hat. Specifically, I made Stephanie Pokorny’s Twisted Witch Hat, because wow it looks cool. I spent a solid week working on it, it ate pretty much all of my worsted weight black yarn, but I really… Continue reading Witchy Vibes
Yin Yang Cats Pillow - Featured Pattern: Yin & Yang Cats Chart by Melanie Nordberg That’s right! I finished it. It’s a lot more rectangular than I was expecting, and I’m still not entirely sure how that happened, but I still love it. I think Tunisian crochet makes for a very nice stitch pattern that works really well for colorwork.… Continue reading Yin Yang Cats Pillow