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WIP: Vilnis Top

Y’all, I have like six active WIPs, I should not be starting a new one. But Yarn Social’s having a Tee Party and I found this pattern and it’s so swoopy and fun and I had to. I had to.

Okay, so let’s actually explain this. Super cool local KC yarn shop, Yarn Social, is hosting a knit and crochet-a-long called the Springtime Tee Party. The gist of it is basically: make a shirt that you would classify as a “tee” by the end of April, because Spring (more info here).

I was initially unsure if I was going to participate due to the aforementioned WIPs, but I went looking through patterns anyway, and I found the Vilnis Top. It’s a fun airy asymmetrical design, and I think it will look great with this one yarn I have in my stash, while also eating a substantial amount of that yarn, and I am all about stash busting.

Not to mention after the snowstorm last month, I am absolutely ready for a project to help usher in Spring, and none of my other WIPs really fill that need. And I think that’s as good a reason as any to start something new.

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