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Status Report #13: I Made a Facebook

This is going to autopost to my new Facebook page and I think that’s beautiful.

So, as of August 1, Facebook has changed its platform and no longer allows outside sources to autopost to people’s profiles. This is…a little bit of a problem for me, given that pretty much the only consistent way I use Facebook is to autopost my blog posts to my profile.

That said, I’ve been meaning to make an actual page for Entropy for a while now (you know, like a professional), and this was just the motivation I needed to do that. So Entropy Creations has a Facebook page now. Here is a link to it. Go like it if you want to get updates on Facebook. Or…you know…boost my ego.

I’m also messing around with the way the site is set up a little bit. The most noticeable thing right now is probably the spiffy new slideshow on the homepage. Most of what I’m messing with is the background organizational stuff.

So yeah. Go like the Facebook page. See you guys next week.

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Status Report #12: Building My Tiny Army

Okay, so. Virginia didn’t really work out, so I’m back in Las Cruces for the foreseeable future. Yay. But, that means I’m going back to the Farmer’s Market.

For anyone who doesn’t know (which is probably a lot of you since a look back through the archives revealed that I apparently never posted about this) I spent last summer running a table at my local farmers and crafts market. And I actually did pretty well. Turns out, putting a whole bunch of stuffed animals in the direct eyeline of children and their parents is a great way to sell stuffed animals. Who’d have thought.


As you might have guessed, I had the most success with my tiny animals, so, in preparation for the market, I’m making a whole bunch more of them. And, on that note, holy cats, I’ve done a lot of designing for this series in the past year. Like, last July all I had were the octopi and the cats.  Now there’s also snakes, rabbits, lions, foxes, and jellyfish. Soon I’ll be able to build an army using just one of every species. Then I’ll be unstoppable….

(The jellyfish, incidently, are undergoing a bit of a redesign on account of I’ve been experimenting with the tentacles. Expect a v2 pattern at some point in the future.)

So, yeah. That’s pretty much it for this week. Bye!

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Status Report #11: Hey, Remember how I Sell Things?

Okay, important thing first. Starting today, and going until July 5, everything in my Etsy shop is on sale for 20% off. So, like, if you want me to make you something, or really want that matoki pattern for less than $20, now is the time. Here’s a link to my shop, go check it out.

So why am I doing this? Well, I graduated college, that’s exciting, and I want to celebrate my newfound time to crochet things by actually crocheting things. (Also I finally figured out how to do it.) I haven’t been super active promoting the sales side of Entropy over the past two and a half years (god, has it really been that long?) in part because I’ve been so busy with schoolwork that at times I was actively hoping people didn’t buy anything just so I wouldn’t have anything else to do. But now I don’t have that excuse anymore, so self-promotion yay!

Speaking of which, over the course of the next week or so I plan on reworking the shop a little bit so the overall presentation of the shop as a whole and of the individual listings is better. There’s some updates that have needed to happen for a while, and I think I’ve got enough brainspace this week to get those done. Also, a few new listings are going up.

20180416_212758Speaking of which, remember the jellyfish? It’s on Etsy now! You can buy it here. Someday I’ll manage to get these things up less than a month after I first post about them. But for now I’m still playing catch up.

So, yeah. See you guys next week!

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Status Report #10: Graduation

I did it! I finished college! Yay! I have successfully acquired a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Now all I need is to figure out something to do with it…. But anyway.

At Tulane, it’s a tradition for students to decorate their caps in some way for graduation. Naturally, I decided to cover mine in yarn. Because why not.


I actually really like the way this turned out. I think it’s cool that the pattern sorta resembles both waves and DNA (not that my major had anything to do with either of those things but still) and with the color gradient it looks like the sort of pretty thing that is exactly my style.

In case anyone’s curious, I used something called the wave stitch, and there’s a tutorial for that available here. I then affixed it to my hat with a lot of hot glue. Since one side is slightly longer than the other, this resulted in two sides hanging over the edge more than the other two, resulting in a kind of weird look if viewed from any angle other than the top. But whatever. I like it.

Picture feat. Sara Scott, my bestie who almost did this blog with me.

So yeah. That’s it. I am officially done with college. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sleep for a week.

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Status Report #9: School and Stuff

Hey guys.

So I took last week off because I was in the throes of finals week and, given that this is my last one, I kinda wanted to get it right. But now that’s over (mostly) and I’ve spent the past couple days resting and getting back into a brain-space that isn’t constantly worried about math.

And not really doing anything crafts-wise. Well, I have been crocheting—that Fibonacci blanket is going great—but I haven’t done anything that I think merits showing off. So…this post is just not going to show anything off.

But worry not! With graduation coming up, I’ve got a few projects in the work relating to that. At least one of them should be ready next Tuesday.

So yeah. See you then!

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Status Report #8: Fans

Okay, so this is not remotely crochet or knitting related. It is, however, the craftiest thing I’ve done all week.

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m in a k-pop dance cover group at my college called HYPED (follow us on Instagram!). One of the dances we’re doing this semester involves fans, which we ordered online. (Don’t get excited about handmade fans. That’s not what this is about.) But, in the interest of not accidentally throwing our fans across the room, we deemed it necessary to fashion safety straps for them. Which is what it is about.


I have made no secret of my lack of enthusiasm for the age-old art of sewing, but, sewing-wise-these were not exactly complicated. And, after a long midterms week, it was nice getting to spend an hour on Friday wandering around Michaels looking for tassels and elastic. And another thirty minutes figuring out how to attach them. And flinging a fan around to make sure it wouldn’t slip off.

I’ve actually spent the past couple days flinging a fan around. It’s kind of fun.

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Status Report #7: Etsy Updates

Okay, this is going to be really quick. Just in and out. Because I have a staggering amount of other work I need to get done.

So last week after Mardi Gras ended, I got an email from one of my dad’s author friends asking if she could order one of my lions. (Sidenote: My dad’s an author. Go check him out if you’re into science fiction, steampunk, or horror. Here’s a link to his website.) And that was the motivation I needed to make a new lion, take some pretty pictures of it, and get it up on Etsy. If you want a finished lion made entirely by me, you can now get one here. If you don’t want to spend money, and want to make it yourself, the pattern is completely free on the original post. Yay!

Look how majestic it is!

While I was at it, I added the listing for the fox as well. So if you want a tiny handmade fox made by me, it’s here. If you want the pattern, it’s here. If you want to know why the pattern costs money, or more about the process of creating the fox, click here.

Okay. That was a lot of links and not a lot of anything else. I didn’t really do anything else craft-wise this week on account of I was busy with college and job searching and mostly college. But at the same time, this is something I’ve been needing to do for a while. Since late November in the fox’s case. I will need to go back eventually and fix the descriptions, but something is better than nothing right?


Anyway, I should get back to work. See you all next week!

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Status Report #6: New Year’s Resolutions

All right, I put it off for a week, but now let’s do the super cliché thing and talk about goals for the year.

My primary goal this year, as far as crafting is concerned, is to overhaul the Etsy shop. Entropy has been a thing for about a year and a half now, and in that time I’ve basically taken a “something is better than nothing” approach to my Etsy listings, prioritizing getting things up at all, and not really worrying about making sure the descriptions/pictures/anything really was very good. This is not a good business strategy (shocking, I know) and while it did grow out of a need to prioritize college over all else, college is almost over, so that excuse is going to go away real soon. Additionally, I’ve got a better idea of what kind of identity I want for Entropy than I did a year and a half ago, and while the odds and ends that made up the original listings made for a decent start, they don’t…um…sell.

Have I made any progress on this yet? No. No I have not.

My other major New Year’s worthy goal is to finish my Work-In-Progress list. I have this annoying tendency to start a long project, get distracted, move on to a new project, and then leave the original to languish until I eventually either get back to it or realize I’m never going to finish it and just frog it for the yarn. Which has led to nine—wait, no, eight! I finished one yesterday. Hah! Progress!—larger knit and crochet works just laying around in an unfinished state. Possibly more if I missed some. I’ll probably dedicate a post to listing them later this month, but such a list deserves pictures and most of these things are laying around in my dorm two states away.

So…yeah. That’s just about all I wanted to say for this week so…bye!

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Status Report #5: The Written Equivalent of an Unboxing Video

Happy day after Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a good day and those of you who celebrate Christmas got some good presents. What did I get, you ask? Well, socks.


Okay, I didn’t just get socks. But I did get an absurd amount of socks. It was kind of ridiculous.

Anyway, I also finally got to open my Stitching Santa gift, which arrived weeks ago and I think the only reason I managed to keep from opening it this long is that I didn’t get back in town until like four days ago. I love college. Anyway, it turns out my Stitching Santa was Pat aka Lilly’s Mom from and she definitely spoiled me.


So I’m going to go through and do an unboxing post of sorts to wrap up this Christmas adventure. So let’s get into it. Here’s what I got:

1. Yarn!


This yarn is 75% wool.



I’m allergic to wool……

Okay, so, yeah, I was honestly kind of expecting this, given that wool is pretty prolific in the knit/crochet community. And nowhere on my blog does it actually say I’m allergic to wool. I should probably add that to my about page or something…..

Honestly, I think it’s really pretty and I really like the color and I really wish I could use it. I have a friend up in Albuquerque who will be very happy with this.

….That was less happy than I thought it would be. Let’s try this again.

2. Chocolate!



……………….This is awkward.

So, um, I usually try to discourage people from gifting me food, because it’s very rare that I can actually, well, eat it. See, the thing is I have a deadly allergy to peanuts and tree nuts and I know this particular chocolate bar doesn’t technically contain either of those things, but Ghirardelli is one of the worst brands for cross contamination so I have to treat it like it does so I can’t eat it I’m sorry. Allergies are the worst.

I know it seems like I’m just hating on this gift, and I swear, that’s not my intention. There was a lot of stuff in there, and I have nothing but positive thoughts for the rest of it. I just put these two first because I wanted to condense the awkward as much as possible and get it out of the way as soon as possible. I also want to stress that both the yarn and the chocolate were good ideas, I really appreciate the thought, and I’m really sorry I can’t use them.

Okay, now onto the good stuff.

3. This pen!


This pen is really cute. I like this pen. I will get much use out of this pen.

4. This bag!


This bag is also really cute. And it has a drawstring! I probably won’t get as much use out of this as I do out of the pen, but I will get use out of it.

5. Socks!




Welp, into the pile with you.

Okay, okay, dumb jokes aside, these socks are really cute and cozy. I rather like them. They will be worn. Here’s a picture of them being worn because I’m not sure what else to say.

When you put them next to each other like that, it’s almost like there’s only one snowman…

6. This book of patterns!


This book made my life. That might be an exaggeration, but I think I might love it.

I don’t normally get much use out of pattern books, by virtue of them generally containing maybe one or two things I want to make. But, looking through this book, I found quite a few patterns that I was genuinely excited to make. Which is exciting! Looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of knitting in 2018.

So…yeah. That’s about it. Overall, Stitching Santa was a great experience, and I’m glad I participated in it. I hope everyone else had fun with it too. Thank you, Pat, for your excellent and well-thought-out gift. I’m sorry I complained about it.

December brought a lot of status reports to Entropy Creations, which wasn’t my intention, but probably worked out for the best. Pretty much all of what I was working on this month was pretty solidly Christmas related in one way or another. I want to try to keep these kinds of posts to a minimum, because I genuinely prefer writing feature pieces about things I make, and next week is definitely going to be one of those.

Next week is also going to be in the new year. So, happy New Year, everyone! I’ll see you in 2018.

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Status Report #4: Stitching Santa 2k17

I finished my Stitching Santa gift! Yay! It’s in the mail. It’s supposed to arrive by the end of the week. Here’s hoping it actually, you know, does.

So I’m going to show off what I did. Because that’s all I did this week. Well, that and finals, which are finally over! Yay! Three glorious weeks off!!

*Ahem* Anyway…

I’ve already shown off the yarn I got (for more on that adventure, click here). I may have blown my entire budget on that outing, so rather than purchase a card, I borrowed some of my roommate’s pretty paper (thank you, roommate) and made one myself.


…The tree looks more green in person I promise. Also, turns out I don’t own any glue that isn’t hot glue…. I fail as a crafter.

Anyway, there’s actual words written on the inside of the card, but they’re super spoilery when it comes to who my recipient is, so I will not be repeating any of them here. That said, I don’t work with paper very often, so I’m really proud of how this turned out, even if it is kinda basic.

Additionally, I made them two tiny cats, one black and one white.


I chose to make cats for an interesting and kinda roundabout reason. See, my recipient has two children, so the original plan was to make two octopi—one for each child. But then it occurred to me that maybe I should make something that she could, you know, choose to keep for herself, and the cats make for very good display pieces. Although now that I think about it, she could have easily chosen to keep the octopi for herself and put them on display. They also look good on shelves…. Oh well, too late now.

They’re black and white because it kind of reminds me of a yin-yang with the whole idea of two things being both equal and opposite. It’s balanced while also being sleeker than could be achieved with more colorful colors, and I like that.

One final note about the cats:  I’ve changed a few things in the pattern since I first designed them in June. The original design had a very thin neck, which lead to the head being wobbly and unstable. Which really isn’t conducive to getting them to stand up on their own. Or making sure they’re childproof. I made this change behind the scenes back in July, but I finally got around to updating the written pattern yesterday. I’ve updated it in the original post about the cats, but I’m putting a link to the updated pdf here as well.

So…yeah. That’s my giant Stitching Santa post. Stay tuned for next week when I show off the present I got.