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Status Report #29: Tis the Season

Christmas is officially here. For me, Christmas season started about a week ago, when I got my first Etsy order of the season.

It probably comes as no surprise that I get way more traffic on Etsy in December and late November than any other time of the year. And this past week I got a huge influx of orders for the Prideapi. And this has been a bit of a learning experience in a few ways.

The first was one I could really have done without. I was working through a lot of the orders this weekend, when I came to the horrifying realization that I only had five pairs of black safety eyes left. Naturally, I panicked. And then I panicked some more when I realized that I already had more animals to make than that. And then I panicked a little bit more when, an hour later, I realized that 5 mm safety eyes are not the kind of thing you can get quickly in Kansas City.

The last four eyes waiting to be used.

Fortunately, I did ultimately manage to get a pack of eyes with expedited shipping that should get here on Wednesday, and I’ve got an order from GlassEyesOnline that will hopefully arrive by early next week, so soon I will be practically rolling in safety eyes. But I’m going to be doing my absolute best to avoid getting myself into this particular situation ever again.

The other big lesson I learned pretty much follows directly from the volume of orders I’ve gotten. This is the first year where I’ve had something in my shop that’s both cheap and pretty darn searchable. This means that instead of getting a couple big orders, I’ve been getting a bunch of small orders. So far it’s averaging out to about the same amount of work, but with tighter deadlines, and earlier this weekend I came to the pretty abrupt conclusion that I really, really should have built up a bit of a backstock of prideapi before now.

Now, to give myself a little credit, the octopi I was getting a lot of orders for before last week are not the octopi I got an influx of orders for this last week. (There is some overlap, but the ratios are way different.) So the stock I would have been building based on the orders I had already gotten would look way different than the stock I’m going to start building in January. But I still can’t help but feel that my hands would hurt a little bit less if I had more prideapi in the Stitch Fix box.

Plus side: I’ve been very on track this weekend as far as actually getting orders done on time, and so far we’re on track assuming the safety eyes come in on time, and I’m really proud of myself for that. Yeah, my hands kind of hurt, but I’m giving them a little bit of a rest for the rest of the night so I can keep going the rest of the week.

So yeah, not the most fun update, but I just wanted to share how I’m doing and what’s going on right now. Overall, this has been a really great and affirming week, and I’m optimistic for the rest of the month.

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