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Status Report #10: Graduation

I did it! I finished college! Yay! I have successfully acquired a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Now all I need is to figure out something to do with it…. But anyway.

At Tulane, it’s a tradition for students to decorate their caps in some way for graduation. Naturally, I decided to cover mine in yarn. Because why not.


I actually really like the way this turned out. I think it’s cool that the pattern sorta resembles both waves and DNA (not that my major had anything to do with either of those things but still) and with the color gradient it looks like the sort of pretty thing that is exactly my style.

In case anyone’s curious, I used something called the wave stitch, and there’s a tutorial for that available here. I then affixed it to my hat with a lot of hot glue. Since one side is slightly longer than the other, this resulted in two sides hanging over the edge more than the other two, resulting in a kind of weird look if viewed from any angle other than the top. But whatever. I like it.

Picture feat. Sara Scott, my bestie who almost did this blog with me.

So yeah. That’s it. I am officially done with college. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sleep for a week.


4 thoughts on “Status Report #10: Graduation

  1. Congratulations from another woman with a math degree! I found it interesting that you say your major has nothing to do with DNA and waves, because my own experience is that it does. My love of math has taken me to a genetics research internship and a PhD involving light waves. Math is everywhere and everything builds on it. Best of luck wherever it takes you!

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    1. Wow, that’s really interesting. I made that comment because, in the pursuit of my degree, I focused primarily on purely theoretical math. I suppose it would be more accurate to say that my personal experience with math has not involved DNA or waves. However, as you mentioned, math is absolutely involved in the study of both.


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