Clutch Purse Thing

I’m so great at naming posts.

So yeah. Graduation’s coming up, which is exciting. And terrifying in an existential sort of way. So I’m making a couple things for it, and the first is this cute little purse with a detachable strap.


Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with graduation. Well, I am actually not allowed to bring a bag into the graduation ceremony. Only problem is, I don’t have anything that both a) is within the dress code and b) has pockets. And, as a person with asthma who needs to carry an inhaler around at all times in case something bad happens, that makes having a bag pretty essential. So I made a small one with a strap that is conveniently just long enough that it fits around my waist so I can smuggle my inhaler into the ceremony. (And, of course, am now blogging about this. Like a boss.)

The bag itself actually turned out pretty cute. I was kind of apprehensive when I was making it because I’ve never made anything like this before. But it’s kind of impressive how a vaguely rectangular piece of fabric can turn into something really pretty with some edging and, like, ten minutes.

I’ll have a pattern for this eventually, but given that I literally finished making this a couple hours before this post is supposed to go up, I want a few more days to make sure it’s all written up nicely. So, you’ll hear about that…eventually.


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