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WIP: Vampires

So I did nothing, craftwise, this week (insert typical grumbing about being a college student here) so I’m going to do another quick work-in-progress feature.

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Near the end of summer vacation, 2017, I was bored and scrolling through Ravelry when I came across a bunch of neat knitting patterns from this book called “Pretty in Punk” and because I’ve always secretly wanted to be goth, I set about acquiring it. It wasn’t too hard. You can buy it on Amazon.

The first pattern I decided to make from it was this long, thin scarf (made with giant, size 15 knitting needles) with a crochet edging that has this really cool, vampire aesthetic. I made the knit part really quickly, within a day. Got it blocked and everything. And it’s been sitting like that, waiting for it’s edging, for about six months now.


Yeah…..I’ll get back to it eventually. But not today. Today I need to do homework.

Someday, vampire scarf. Someday you will be complete.

Status Reports

Status Report #7: Etsy Updates

Okay, this is going to be really quick. Just in and out. Because I have a staggering amount of other work I need to get done.

So last week after Mardi Gras ended, I got an email from one of my dad’s author friends asking if she could order one of my lions. (Sidenote: My dad’s an author. Go check him out if you’re into science fiction, steampunk, or horror. Here’s a link to his website.) And that was the motivation I needed to make a new lion, take some pretty pictures of it, and get it up on Etsy. If you want a finished lion made entirely by me, you can now get one here. If you don’t want to spend money, and want to make it yourself, the pattern is completely free on the original post. Yay!

Look how majestic it is!

While I was at it, I added the listing for the fox as well. So if you want a tiny handmade fox made by me, it’s here. If you want the pattern, it’s here. If you want to know why the pattern costs money, or more about the process of creating the fox, click here.

Okay. That was a lot of links and not a lot of anything else. I didn’t really do anything else craft-wise this week on account of I was busy with college and job searching and mostly college. But at the same time, this is something I’ve been needing to do for a while. Since late November in the fox’s case. I will need to go back eventually and fix the descriptions, but something is better than nothing right?


Anyway, I should get back to work. See you all next week!

Work in Progress

WIP: Youngjae Scarf

So I haven’t finished anything this week, and with school predictably taking up most of my time, I haven’t really worked on anything, with the exception of the one project I carry around in my backpack. So I’m going to talk about that.

So BAP came back in December, during finals week, with this uplifting song called “Hands Up”. It’s good, and you should definitely go listen to it if you haven’t already. Here’s a link. One thing you might also notice, watching that video, is that the styling for this particular comeback contains a lot of knits. Like


It’s exciting! (Also, all of those images were promotional images for Ego, which is the album Hands Up is on, and as such are copyright of TS Entertainment. I try to make sure I mention that for every picture I use that I did not take myself. Anyway.)

I am quite probably the only BAP fan who got excited specifically because of the knits, but I did. And while Jongup’s sweater (the green and black one) is relatively boring and Zelo’s sweater just screams hahaha no (it has an actual face on it), but Youngjae’s scarf immediately drew me in and made me want to make it.

The Youngjae scarf, as I have dubbed it is, helpfully, the only scarf in the entire MV. It appears to be eight smaller scarflettes sewn together to create a super scarf, and I love it. I started working on it a couple days after the MV first came out, and I have completed the first two sections (and started on the third).


The sections in my scarf are a little bit shorter than Youngjae’s, mainly because I’m sizing it so it’s proportionally the same length on me as Youngjae’s is on him (more or less), and he is a few inches taller than me. When it’s finished, I plan on blocking it to try and smooth out some of the width problems With luck, that should also iron out any problems with length.

The first section (white and yellow) was relatively easy. It’s just 1×1 ribbing with a color change every few rows. Even for a novice knitter such as myself, it was pretty quick and painless. I finished it on the train home for Christmas.

The second section was significantly harder. After hours of staring at promotional images and select portions of the MV (and eventually giving up and asking my mother for help) I determined that the original scarf used a honeycomb stitch for this section. After a few frustrating attempts at a honeycomb stitch, that ultimately ended in failure, I gave up and used a waffle stitch instead, because it’s way easier and produces a similar texture. It still took me a lot longer than the first section, in part because I got distracted by school and other projects, but at least it was, you know, fun. Fortunately, that should be the hardest part. Everything else is ribbing or stockinette stitch, and I’m good at those.

So, yeah. I’m probably going to have a series of work in progress showcases like this, for when I have nothing else to talk about because I have a lot of things like this. Eventually, when I’m done with the Youngjae scarf, I’ll probably post a pattern just for the heck of it.

See you guys next week!

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Tiny Crochet Lion

All right. So. One of my friends at college is in a sorority. Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) specifically. Last week was big/little week which, for the uninitiated (like me) basically means she was assigned a new member of her sorority chapter to, essentially, shower in gifts all week. (I don’t know if that’s 100% accurate, but that’s my understanding of the process.) ADPi’s mascot is a lion. So, she commissioned a tiny lion from me to give to her little. And that is why this pattern exists.


It’s debatable whether I would have ever gotten around to designing a lion in the absence of these very specific circumstances. Literally all the other animals in the tiny animal series were made because I, personally, am a fan of that animal. And while lions are cool, they’re not my favorite animal. But I digress. Point is, I probably would have gotten around to them eventually, but I doubt it would have been this quick if I was left to my own devices.

Of course, I wasn’t left to my own devices, so let’s talk about the design process.

The basic form of the lion was easy. I copy-pasted it out of the bunny pattern. I used the bunny pattern because the body is rounder than the fox or cat, and my original copy-paste out of the cat pattern looked really weird. Note to self: lions do not reduce to cones, they reduce to rotund semi-cylinders.

The ears were also easy. They’re basically classic teddy bear ears—little circles folded in half, rounded and sewn to the head. No big deal.

20180128_113401.jpgThe mane was a little more complex, but I correctly assumed that it would be easier to just make it into a geometric shape and not try to build one out of short strands of yarn knotted together. I modeled mine off a potato chip scarf, with a little bit of light scalloping. I like how that turned out. I think it gives it dimension without becoming really hard or complicated to make. Although, if you’re looking for a lion with a mane that covers the back of its head, maybe look elsewhere.

The tail gave me some trouble. It went through a few different iterations before I finally decided to reduce it to its basic geometric shapes (a line with a little pointed cylinder on the end). I wound up exaggerating the proportions of the fur tuft at the end of its tail to make it remotely doable, but I think it turned out cute.

So, yeah. Tiny crochet lion. Super cute. Great for ADPis. Apparently. I’ll have it listed on Etsy once I have one that I can take more salable pictures of. Until then, if you’re of a crafting mindset, here’s the pattern. Feel free to give it a shot. Send me pictures if you do. I like seeing my creations out in the world.