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Status Report #5: The Written Equivalent of an Unboxing Video

Happy day after Christmas everyone! I hope everyone had a good day and those of you who celebrate Christmas got some good presents. What did I get, you ask? Well, socks.


Okay, I didn’t just get socks. But I did get an absurd amount of socks. It was kind of ridiculous.

Anyway, I also finally got to open my Stitching Santa gift, which arrived weeks ago and I think the only reason I managed to keep from opening it this long is that I didn’t get back in town until like four days ago. I love college. Anyway, it turns out my Stitching Santa was Pat aka Lilly’s Mom from and she definitely spoiled me.


So I’m going to go through and do an unboxing post of sorts to wrap up this Christmas adventure. So let’s get into it. Here’s what I got:

1. Yarn!


This yarn is 75% wool.



I’m allergic to wool……

Okay, so, yeah, I was honestly kind of expecting this, given that wool is pretty prolific in the knit/crochet community. And nowhere on my blog does it actually say I’m allergic to wool. I should probably add that to my about page or something…..

Honestly, I think it’s really pretty and I really like the color and I really wish I could use it. I have a friend up in Albuquerque who will be very happy with this.

….That was less happy than I thought it would be. Let’s try this again.

2. Chocolate!



……………….This is awkward.

So, um, I usually try to discourage people from gifting me food, because it’s very rare that I can actually, well, eat it. See, the thing is I have a deadly allergy to peanuts and tree nuts and I know this particular chocolate bar doesn’t technically contain either of those things, but Ghirardelli is one of the worst brands for cross contamination so I have to treat it like it does so I can’t eat it I’m sorry. Allergies are the worst.

I know it seems like I’m just hating on this gift, and I swear, that’s not my intention. There was a lot of stuff in there, and I have nothing but positive thoughts for the rest of it. I just put these two first because I wanted to condense the awkward as much as possible and get it out of the way as soon as possible. I also want to stress that both the yarn and the chocolate were good ideas, I really appreciate the thought, and I’m really sorry I can’t use them.

Okay, now onto the good stuff.

3. This pen!


This pen is really cute. I like this pen. I will get much use out of this pen.

4. This bag!


This bag is also really cute. And it has a drawstring! I probably won’t get as much use out of this as I do out of the pen, but I will get use out of it.

5. Socks!




Welp, into the pile with you.

Okay, okay, dumb jokes aside, these socks are really cute and cozy. I rather like them. They will be worn. Here’s a picture of them being worn because I’m not sure what else to say.

When you put them next to each other like that, it’s almost like there’s only one snowman…

6. This book of patterns!


This book made my life. That might be an exaggeration, but I think I might love it.

I don’t normally get much use out of pattern books, by virtue of them generally containing maybe one or two things I want to make. But, looking through this book, I found quite a few patterns that I was genuinely excited to make. Which is exciting! Looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of knitting in 2018.

So…yeah. That’s about it. Overall, Stitching Santa was a great experience, and I’m glad I participated in it. I hope everyone else had fun with it too. Thank you, Pat, for your excellent and well-thought-out gift. I’m sorry I complained about it.

December brought a lot of status reports to Entropy Creations, which wasn’t my intention, but probably worked out for the best. Pretty much all of what I was working on this month was pretty solidly Christmas related in one way or another. I want to try to keep these kinds of posts to a minimum, because I genuinely prefer writing feature pieces about things I make, and next week is definitely going to be one of those.

Next week is also going to be in the new year. So, happy New Year, everyone! I’ll see you in 2018.

Status Reports

Status Report #4: Stitching Santa 2k17

I finished my Stitching Santa gift! Yay! It’s in the mail. It’s supposed to arrive by the end of the week. Here’s hoping it actually, you know, does.

So I’m going to show off what I did. Because that’s all I did this week. Well, that and finals, which are finally over! Yay! Three glorious weeks off!!

*Ahem* Anyway…

I’ve already shown off the yarn I got (for more on that adventure, click here). I may have blown my entire budget on that outing, so rather than purchase a card, I borrowed some of my roommate’s pretty paper (thank you, roommate) and made one myself.


…The tree looks more green in person I promise. Also, turns out I don’t own any glue that isn’t hot glue…. I fail as a crafter.

Anyway, there’s actual words written on the inside of the card, but they’re super spoilery when it comes to who my recipient is, so I will not be repeating any of them here. That said, I don’t work with paper very often, so I’m really proud of how this turned out, even if it is kinda basic.

Additionally, I made them two tiny cats, one black and one white.


I chose to make cats for an interesting and kinda roundabout reason. See, my recipient has two children, so the original plan was to make two octopi—one for each child. But then it occurred to me that maybe I should make something that she could, you know, choose to keep for herself, and the cats make for very good display pieces. Although now that I think about it, she could have easily chosen to keep the octopi for herself and put them on display. They also look good on shelves…. Oh well, too late now.

They’re black and white because it kind of reminds me of a yin-yang with the whole idea of two things being both equal and opposite. It’s balanced while also being sleeker than could be achieved with more colorful colors, and I like that.

One final note about the cats:  I’ve changed a few things in the pattern since I first designed them in June. The original design had a very thin neck, which lead to the head being wobbly and unstable. Which really isn’t conducive to getting them to stand up on their own. Or making sure they’re childproof. I made this change behind the scenes back in July, but I finally got around to updating the written pattern yesterday. I’ve updated it in the original post about the cats, but I’m putting a link to the updated pdf here as well.

So…yeah. That’s my giant Stitching Santa post. Stay tuned for next week when I show off the present I got.

Status Reports

Status Report #3: I have Created an Army!!

20171211_205711.jpg…of octopi. Tiny, tiny octopi. Wearing tiny, fashionable hats. And they are off to conquer South Korea!

Or, rather, they were ordered by a friend of mine who currently resides in South Korea and decided they would make good Christmas presents for her coworkers. This is, incidentally, the same friend who accidentally inspired the matoki project. Thank you, Dani, for always giving me things to do.

IMG_20171211_210311_099.jpgThis is the first bulk order I’ve ever received, and it was something of an adventure. An adventure that ate literally all of my free time in the two weeks leading up to finals and that I will not be repeating without significantly more time to prepare.

But also an adventure that challenged me creatively, as my instructions were: “Make 19 tiny octopi, you choose the colors.” So with full creative liberty, a limited supply of yarn, and a stubborn determination to not make any two octopi the same color combination, I wound up trying some color combos I wouldn’t have otherwise. My personal favorite is the orange and white one.

So yeah. Achievement unlocked. Bulk order filled. Now I can move on and finally finish my Stitching Santa!

…I’m going to go sleep now. Bye!

Crochet · Other People's Patterns


Okay, now I know what you’re thinking. What could I possibly have been doing all week that I had to delay my weekly post until Wednesday? Well, three things:

  1. Studying.
  2. Making a veritable army of tiny octopi. One of my friends ordered a lot of them to be shipped internationally in time for Christmas. I currently have about 10, and I need 20 by the end of the week. Wish me luck.
  3. Making a freaking DINOSAUR!

What? I like dinosaurs. They’re cool. And this one’s adorable. He’s like a foot tall and super chubby and I just want to squeeze him.

So, I did not design this dinosaur. I found the pattern on Ravelry (obligatory link), and it was designed by Bluephone Studios, which is apparently an Etsy shop. The pattern does cost money, but it’s just so freaking cute that it’s super worth it in my opinion.

20171205_105036.jpgAnyway, I actually made this dinosaur for the yearly white elephant that’s put on by HYPED (the k-pop dance cover group that I am a part of), which happened yesterday. (And is the real reason I pushed this post back a day. Some of the members read my blog, and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.)

So that’s the first Christmas item crossed off my list! Now I just need to finish up my Stitching Santa gift and all of the things for family and friends back home.


Oh yeah, and pass my classes.



……………………….I should get back to studying. Bye!