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Coffee Mug Keychain


December is finally upon us, and with finals one week away, I have been doing schoolwork…and not much else. Any free time I have had during the past few weeks has been spent either sleeping or making Christmas presents, the first of which I can’t actually show off for another two weeks. Oh yeah, and I made this adorable coffee mug key chain that’s chilling out with the hot chocolate in the photo above. That’s pretty relevant.

I genuinely have no idea how I first discovered the pattern for this, but it made a20161204_144142n impression, since I purposefully googled it months later when I was looking for something quick and easy to do with the safety eyes and key chains I had just purchased. The original pattern was made by Sarah Zimmerman at Repeat Crafter Me as part of a series of Starbucks themed goodies (link to pattern). While I’m not partial to Starbucks myself, as a college student, I do tend to start my mornings with an offering to the coffee gods—and a french press of Folgers—so this was a craft that really resonated with me.

…That’s just about everything I had to say about this. I’m going to go pour myself another mug of coffee and get back to studying for those finals!


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