Matoki Part 1: Tatsmato

For everyone who doesn’t know, the matoki are the rabbit-like mascots of South Korean hip-hop group, B.A.P. The matoki are alien warriors who crash-landed on Earth. They are also, in my opinion, the single most plush-able things in k-pop.

I mean—look at them. They’re adorable.

I originally decided to crochet one as a Christmas present for one of my friends. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, no patterns exist for such a task, so I decided to make my own. Then, I decided to improve the pattern and make a full set of matoki for myself. Which leads us to Tats.

Tatsmato is my personal favorite matoki—which may or may not be related to the fact that his mask is one of the easiest ones to make. Either way, he seemed like a good place to start, so here he is:


I had originally intended to post the pattern for the matoki  here as well. Unfortunately, I’m still tweaking it. Currently, I intend to post the pattern once I’ve finished the second matoki.

Status Reports

Progress! (Finally)

Hey, remember that first post I made back in November, where I said I’d have an Etsy shop before Christmas? And then I dropped off the face of the earth for six months. Well, the week after that post I dislocated my knee. Two weeks before finals. As such, I spent most of my time during finals week and winter break healing, trying to figure out how bad the injury really was, and starting physical therapy. The good news is my knee is fully healed and I was out of physical therapy by April. The bad news is that meant Entropy Creations had to be put on hold while I dealt with my injury and the ensuing crush of finals week.

That said, summer vacation has offered the perfect opportunity to actually get this project started. And, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that I finally have an Etsy store! You can access it here. I am currently selling:

Square Bears



and Cheshire Cat Ears.

(Headbands and ears modeled by Verity Summers)

Please note that this list is current as of June 7, 2016, and I do intend to add new items to the store as they are made. Additionally, I will be updating this blog regularly from now on, with new posts every other Tuesday. And I believe that is all of the updates. See you all on June 21st.